Concept and Ideation Think Tank for Products, Businesses, and Services

Not sure where you’re going? Need to brainstorm? Call us. We love the blank page. Consider it our zip code. (View our portfolio)


Digital video creation/production

Want to communicate who you are to the world? We can produce high quality video for your homepage, mobile or any format you need.


Viral Videos

Want everybody to know who you are? Need to create some buzz? We’ll create videos that will get you the traffic you need.


Video Biographies

Every company has a story. Why not tell yours? We’ll go behind the scenes with you and your products and show the world just how great you are.



It’s all about the words. Simple. Spare. Connected. Your words create your world.


Naming Your Product or Service

We are very clever. Let us be your partner. We’re good at naming names.


Radio Production

Sometimes it’s better to be heard than seen. Our top notch radio spots will get you heard by who needs to hear you.


Mission Statement Focus

Where are you going? Don’t know? We have sure fire techniques to get you there.


Brand Identity Focus

Are you warm and fuzzy? Cool and aloof? Fun and frenzied? We’ll solve your identity problem with grace and ease.


Coaching for the Media

Camera shy? Don’t like to speak in front of groups? With our years of working with celebrities and media outlets, we’ll teach you a thing or two about getting comfy in the bright lights.


On Camera or Audio Interviews

Need to interview someone. Let us do it for you. Lights, camera, action!


Sample Talent On Camera Interviews:

Martin Sheen

Yoko Ono

Eric Idle

Randy Travis

Stockard Channing

Bradley Whitford

Richard Schiff

John Spencer

Dee Dee Myers

Mischa Barton

Josh Schwartz

Vidal Sassoon

George Carlin

Drew Carey

Peter Gallagher


Product Demos

Want to show the world how your new fangled product works? We’re great at breaking down process in a fun filled, compelling manner.



Tell your story another way with weekly podcast updates. Let your clients know what’s new and innovative week to week.


Music Videos

Sometimes you just have to sing about it. Let us make you shake, rattle and roll with an attention getting music video.


Audiobook Direction, Production

Have you written a book about your business or specialty. How about let us making it an mp3? You can read it or we can cast someone just like you.


Partial Audiobook List:

The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls, read by Molly Quinn

Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian with Kris Jenner and Marcia Strassman

The Secret Things of God with Dr. Henry Cloud

I’m Not in the Mood with Dr. Judith Reichman

Wake Up I’m Fat with actress Camryn Manheim

Hello, He Lied with producer Linda Obst

The Kiss with Kathryn Harrison

J.Edgar Hoover: The Man and His Secrets with Edward Asner

The Christmas Box

Pure Cop with Jerry Ohrbach

Ann Margaret Biography with Ann Margaret

Batman Forever with Rene Auberjonois

Star Trek TNG with Jonathan Frakes

Star Trek CD Rom with George Takei, John DeLancie, Jonathan Frakes

The Road to Mars with Eric Idle

Louis L’Amour Short Stories with Randy Travis


Voice Over, Talent Casting

Need a spokesperson for your product or service? Let our years of casting celebrities help you.


Marketing Plans

Plans are made to be broken but you have to start somewhere. Get the big picture in your head with a marketing plan. Forecast where your business is going and how much you’re going to make. We’d love to help.


Creation of Marketing Materials

Film Trailers, TV spots, Websites, brochures, blogs, cards and more. We can do that.


Great Graphics

Need a logo or a pneumonic? We’ve got you covered with great graphics.


Web Design and Management

We’ve got the people who understand your brand and can deliver a unique design that will make your company stand out.


Social Media Marketing and Implementation

It’s all part of the big plan. Maybe you want to tweet about it? Or have a facebook fan page or meet up group. We’ll uniquely design your social media to what suits your business.


Feature Film Consulting

My years in the business have taken me into many genres and I’ve goteen to work with a wonderful rolodex of professionals and talent. From script development through post production, I’ve done it all. We can help at any stage