Digital video creation/production
Want to communicate who you are to the world? We can produce high quality video for your homepage, mobile or any format you need.

Whether it’s a compelling trailer to strut your stuff or a product demo of your next grounbreaking product we’ll make it shine just like we’ve done for our entertainment clients like Disney and Warner (2009 Key Art Award Nominee for The Dirty Harry Collection trailer) We’ll give you the Hollywood edge.

Viral Videos

Want everybody to know who you are?  Need to create some buzz? We’ll create videos that will get you the traffic you need.

Engaging your audience is our business. We’ve done it time and again for hit TV shows and movies. Tell us who you want to talk to and we’ll get the voice and visuals that will keep them glued.

Video Biographies
Every company has a story. Every company principal has a story. Why not tell yours? We’ll go behind the scenes with you and your products and show the world just how great you are just like we’ve done for all the filmmakers we’ve worked with.

Radio Production
Sometimes it’s better to be heard than seen. Our top notch radio spots will get you heard by who needs to hear you.

Audio is a passion. We’ve worked with the top VO in the biz. Don LaFontaine, the VOICE, may he rest in peace, voiced the majority of  CBS spots and others we’ve worked on. And we’ll find the perfect voice and copy for you.

Audiobook Direction, Production

Have you written a book about your business or specialty. How about let us making it an mp3? You can read it or we can cast someone just like you.

Partial Audiobook List:

The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls, read by Molly Quinn

Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian with Kris Jenner and Marcia Strassman

The Secret Things of God with Dr. Henry Cloud

I’m Not in the Mood with Dr. Judith Reichman

Wake Up I’m Fat with actress Camryn Manheim

Hello, He Lied with producer Linda Obst

The Kiss with Kathryn Harrison

J.Edgar Hoover: The Man and His Secrets with Edward Asner

The Christmas Box

Pure Cop with Jerry Ohrbach

Ann Margaret Biography with Ann Margaret

Batman Forever with Rene Auberjonois

Star Trek TNG with Jonathan Frakes

Star Trek CD Rom with George Takei, John DeLancie, Jonathan Frakes

The Road to Mars with Eric Idle

Louis L’Amour Short Stories with Randy Travis


Voice Over, Talent Casting

Need a spokesperson for your product or service? Let our years of casting celebrities help you.

Project Mangement

We’ll manage the project from concept through finish so you’re hands free. Leave the driving to us.