Jill Demby Guest is an Emmy Award nominated writer and producer who has interviewed many celebrities, authors, astronauts, business owners, artists, studio heads, doctors, filmmakers and yes, even cryptologists for her video documentaries.

She has written and produced numerous movie trailers and national TV and radio campaigns for Warner Bros. and Disney as well as Superbowl spots for Disney’s “Tarzan.”

In addition, she has gone behind the scenes on many movie and TV sets, documenting the process of filmmaking, notably for The West Wing, High School Musical, Imagine John Lennon and National Treasure among many others.

Some celebrities she has interviewed include Yoko Ono, George Carlin, Martin Sheen, George Lucas and many others.

Jill won a Promax DVD Gold Award and was nominated for a 2009 Key Art Award for Clint Eastwood’s “The Dirty Harry Collection” for Warner Home Video.

Producing audiobooks is also her passion. Most recently she worked with Kris Jenner on her memoir, Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian, and Cassandra Clare’s City of Lost Souls read by the very talented actress, Molly Quinn (Castle.)

In 2010 she took her talents to new media and acquired expertise in Blog internet marketing, building strategic plans, generating traffic, cfreating and producing info products, services and monetization funnels for niche market blogs.

Most of all she loves writing and talking to people, no matter what platform, bearing witness to their passions and making them smile. A poet and storyteller, Jill performs her works all around Los Angeles.  She would not turn down a game of racquetball, great sushi or anything British; she’s always ready for a “cuppa.”