Who Am I and What Do I Do?

Who am I?

I like to say I’m an evolutionist, ever evolving, moving gracefully with the flow of change in life which is always constant.

So here’s little bit about my evolution and how I can help you.

What does Tony Hawk have to do with Disney’s Tarzan movie?

What does the WWII enigma cipher machine have to do with Disney’s National Treasure?

What does Joan Crawford impersonator, Lypsinka, have to do with the movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

They’re all unique connections that enhance your product or brand. They’re innovative ways to tell your story. They’re bold ways to engage your audience with messages that get attention and results. Creative solutions that click with your community, promote awareness and sales.

Whether it’s a longform documentary, a thirty second TV/radio spot, podcast, mobile or viral web content, your brand will stand out.



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